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  • Songlines Vol. II
  • Festival

NÜRoPA in cooperation with Kulturläden Nürnberg

23.10. – 24.10.20

Venture more utopia! With the second Songlines Festival, we encourage you to encounter the supposedly unknown, sometimes even the strange. With music that brings different cultures, milieus and age groups into dialogue. With a culture that leaves its ancestral home and makes an impact on the urban space. The idea: We are all becoming a little more European.


The city owes its glittering promise, its entire vitality, to the constant coming together, the superimposition and new fusion of biographies, fates, milieus and cultural backgrounds.

Urban vitality therefore means much more than just living, working and consuming: specifically diversity, communication and movement, especially the spiritual and sensuous.

If the ability to rewire local living conditions dwindles, the city becomes more deserted, emptier, more controlled, slower, even more provincial. Or, to put it another way: it dies in the most comfortable way.

If it is strengthened, something new emerges almost naturally: new living and gender relations, new family and post-family constellations, new forms of education, love, production, leisure and community.


Culture and music can therefore make an invaluable contribution to the electrification of city life. With its numerous choirs and cultural venues, bands and singer-songwriters, Nuremberg in particular offers a diverse musical topography for the opera and concert programme.

Songlines Vol. II is a festival that goes beyond merely activating these: by inviting artists and institutions to leave their ancestral homes in order to make an impact in the urban space.

The calculated side effect: musical open spaces are formed in the urban fabric, in which different cultures, milieus, professions, age groups and perspectives can meet.


While markets, consumption and globalisation level and blur the cultural differences in the world, with Songlines we not only want to make these differences visible and audible again, but also to bring them into dialogue with each other.

Music and culture become an instrument to bring different, even contradictory positions out of their exclusivity. Songlines Vol. II is therefore an invitation to discover something new, sometimes even to encounter something strange.

The great thing about it: our world is growing beyond our own garden fence. Ideally, this will make us wiser, more open and even more European.

Illustrierte Karte von Nürnberg


Music performances of a very special kind await visitors to the lake Wöhrder See on 23 October from 3 pm. For three hours, musicians, bands and the opera choir will make the lake sing from the water and the shores. They will be boarding pedal boats, beaches, rooftops and promenades with their music, and passers-by, cyclists and onlookers will be invited to walk, ride and sing along. In line with the city’s application to become the European Capital of Culture, a European symbol of cultural diversity and creativity will be beamed from Wöhrder See.

The musicians taking part are: metropolmusik Kollektiv, Eylem Balaban & Konstantinos Zarifopoulos, Janet M. Christel & Ralf Trautner, Oksana Martyniuk, Tim Mohr, Ferdinand Roscher, Hanna Sikasa and the choir of Nuremberg State Theatre.

A collaboration of Kulturladen Loni-Übler-Haus, Kulturladen Zeltnerschloss, Metropolmusik e.V., Nuremberg State Theatre as well as the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) and Energie- und Umweltstation Nürnberg with lucid dream UG and N2025.

With friendly support from the boat rental service at Wöhrder See.


Time: 23 October, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Wöhrder See

Starting from Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG, representatives of various groups in the Nuremberg bicycle scene will form a musical »bike crew« for SONGLINES Vol. II, and interpret noises, sounds and messages in movement. The melodious bicycle performance stops at various places in the city and invites you to ride along and make music. At the end of the musical tour, at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, the bike crew finally joins the Chor der Vielfalt (Choir of Diversity) and they present an intercultural, multilingual sound performance at Kornmarkt.

A collaboration of Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG, Global Art Netzwerk, Villa Leon, Inter-Kultur-Büro and Critical Mass with lucid dream UG and N2025.


Time: 23 October, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Start: Muggenhof 

End: Germanisches Nationalmuseum

For the SONGLINES Festival, German and Polish artists present street art at its finest in Langwasser. The Radio Mural, redesigned by Polish artist Aleksandra Toborowicz from Krakow, and the open-air stage of the community centre form the starting point for an artistic tour of the district with its many works of street art. Against this perfect backdrop, the band Ferge X Fisherman and other members of the rap and breakdancing scene from Nuremberg and the surrounding area set the whole quarter in motion. The Radio Mural sound performance of Tatjana Maté #LNGWSSR »We. Write. History« and a sound truck from Poland complete this unique presentation of young, alternative street art.

A collaboration of Langwasser community centre, AK Streetart Langwasser, Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury in Krakow with lucid dream UG and N2025.


Time: 24 October, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Start: Langwasser community centre

With her dancers, choreography coach Dilara Boz rehearses a street show, which is a journey through different dances of the world. The spectacle starts with a performance at 2 pm at the district fairground in the field on Karl-Rorich-Strasse, before the procession moves through the streets of Gartenstadt. Let yourself be carried away, dance along and be part of this energetic symbol of diversity and the unifying power of music.

A collaboration of Kulturladen Gartenstadt with lucid dream UG and N2025.


Time: 24 October, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: Gartenstadt

Johannis sounds good! The band “Lockere Saiten” (Loose Strings) is proving this once again as part of the SONGLINES Vol. II. festival. After having already brought culture to the city and the streets with window concerts during the lockdown, they are now playing a varied programme of classical and contemporary music as well as their own compositions on four squares in the St. Johannis district. Rock and pop meet Celtic sounds, tango or film music – all arranged for the string quartet.

These unusual open-air performances at Bielingplatz, Archivpark, Palmplatz and Hallerwiese invite spectators to linger, listen and hum along.


Time: 24/10/2020, 11:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Locations:  Bielingplatz Archivpark Palmplatz Hallerwiese

The STADT / LAND / KLANG project brings together the rural sounds of the »Knoblauchsland« vegetable growing area and the urban sounds of Nuremberg’s Nordstadt district. From two (musically) opposite directions, the indie rock band »The Elephant Circus« and the Franconian street musicians around Steffi Zachmeier move towards each other and musically set the road between Almoshof and Maxfeld in motion! The starting points are Almoshof Castle and Kulturzentrum Nord at the city park. The joint performance in Marienbergpark is both the highlight and conclusion of the SONGLINES Festival.

A collaboration of Kulturladen Schloss Almoshof and Kulturzentrum Nord with lucid dream UG and N2025.


Time: 24 October, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Starting point: Kulturladen Almoshof Castle & Kulturzentrum Nord

Final concert: Volkspark Marienberg, 3:15 pm

SUBWAY SONGLINES: For the second outing of the festival, eight bands from Nuremberg and the surrounding area are going underground and making the earth shake. At the subway stations Gostenhof, Lorenzkirche, Hauptbahnhof & Frankenstraße along the U1, a mini music festival will take place for three hours with changing line-ups, transforming the roar of the subway into the sound of movement. In 30-minute unplugged concerts, the artists will provide musical accompaniment for passers-by and travellers and represent the diversity of the city in their mix of styles and their range.

A collaboration of Südpunkt, QU1, Vischers Kulturladen, KunstKulturQuartier, Musikzentrale Nürnberg e.V with lucid dream UG and N2025.


Cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic


Finally, the city is making sounds again! But where? For the SONGLINES Festival, artists from the State Theatre have prepared a musical surprise programme, which they will present at a secret location in the city centre on 23 October at 12 am and 3 pm. Keep your eyes and ears open!


Cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic