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NAH BEI DIR (CLOSE TO YOU) – SONGLINES @ION Maria Jonas, trobairitz singing*
elena steri, singer-songwriter
Susanne Ansorg, vielle

Wed, 01/07/2020, 9:00 pm
St. Egidien, Nuremberg


Forms of migration – forms of feeling at home

On 01/07/2020 the ION music festival will be dedicated to SONGLINES. Two singers from two musical worlds will come together: Maria Jonas, who as a “trobairitz”* has dedicated herself to the music of the Middle Ages, meets elena steri, a young singer-songwriter of the 21st century. Medieval melodies meet songs of the present.

Two strong female singers tell their experiences through songs. Together they discover songs that create connections and build bridges: not only geographically but also interpersonally. And are therefore always #nahbeidir (#closetoyou).


*The trobairitz were the female counterparts to the troubadours in the 11th to the 13th century in southern France, in the region where Occitan was spoken.

Maria Jonas - portrait
Maria Jonas
elena steri sitting on a couch
elena steri

In the crisis year 2020 the ION music festival cannot take place as planned. The SONGLINES concert “Von Nürnberg nach Galway” (From Nuremberg to Galway), which would have taken place on 01/07/2020 in in St. Egidien as part of the ION music festival, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Corona.

But the ION 2020 music festival is still taking place: with a new programme, digitally and on the radio, but always #nahbeidir (#closetoyou). In this spirit, concerts will be held on nine evenings in Nuremberg’s inner city churches and will be broadcast live in picture and sound over the Internet. All of the concerts are topical and discursive. They offer space for spontaneous improvisation and the discovery of the unknown.